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Matt's 2000 F-150

This is a 2000 F-150 when I first bought this I had a  problem blowing bags in the front  of cource the main problem was the fireston bags so I found a company in Anniston ,Alabama called Evil Concepts I went to them and spoke to Ernie Camp,R.I.P my friend  And he told me the only thing that he could do to Fix the problem that I was haivng was to cut the upper spring buckets and fabricate a custom bracket to fit a doule port 2b7 Extreme Airlift bags up front and that would fix the problem that I was having.  While he was working on my truck the rear end needed some work too so he put what he called a ladder link in the rear with new 2b7Extreme Airlift bags also. With All 1/2 inch air line and we used 6- 3/8 Smc Valves

Then after all the problems was worked out with the bag setup. I started working on the out sideof the truck. It was in really good shape so there wasn't much work to do except the truck was bone stock. So I went to Areo parts of Guntersville, Al and Steve hooked me up with a street scene bumper from Street Scene. Then I went to Stereo Warehouse and talked to Steve and pat about some head lights,corners also a billet grill for my front end they couldn't get me a billet for my new bumper but they did get one for the factory grill I also ordered indglo gages, full carbon fiber dash kit and some other odd and end stuff for the interor of my truck.  

I also added 20 by  9 1/2  concept neper T-rex wraped in 255-35-20  Nexen  tires in the front with 255-35-20 in the rear.  They were supplied by OLIVER TIRE in Guntersville Al  


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